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Gatha, Mobile App to Find Your Friends.

The Challenge

Gatha is a startup looking to create an innovative app where you can localize your family and friends.

Formé parte de esta startup como Diseñador UI/UX con un gran equipo de  profesionales de todo el mundo para diseñar su aplicación móvil.


UI & UX Designer

Tools Used

Pencil & Paper, Photoshop, Sketch, InVision

Following a Design Process

We defined a design process to follow along with the design team. I could participate in almost all the stages of the creative process. It was a great learning experience.

Stage Image
Stage Image
Stage Image
Stage Image
Stage Image

Mobile Apps:
Simple is Better

When I joined the design team, they already had a clear business direction of the product we needed.

So I jumped in quickly to simplify the user journey using a low fidelity wireframe. I wanted to make sure users would have a shorter path to look for their friends on the app.

image of wireframes

Using Atomic Design to Create a System

Atomic Design allows you to understand design in a systematic way by the use of components. We used this design system to ensure each component of the UI would be coherent and keep the same style for all pages.

If you want to know how you can optimize your website or product using this system, read more at:

Atomic Design Official Page
image of typography

Meaningful Color

We created the color palette thinking in the following keywords: Clean, Fresh, Modern, Green. Green color has been the Hero Color of the company since its foundation.

color palette

Color is important and meaningful. I worked on color guidelines to build a coherent system across all UI components of the app.

This kind of design system not only serves as a source of truth when working on large scale projects but also as a guide for other people that may work with your product in the future.

color usage

Simple and Intuitive Mobile Design

I started working on the screens while developing the UI Style Guide we needed for the project, many of the pages could have several versions as new features were being added.

Mockups image
Mobile App

Design systems are live entities that need to be reviewed often because the design is alive. If your business has new needs, you need a design and a message that responds to those changes.

Mobile App

Working at Gatha was a great learning experience. The bad news is that the startup failed in the mission to enter the market and sell its profit model. That failure helped me to gain a different perspective on my work.

Design matters, it is fundamental for people, but you need more than a nice product, you need the right message for the right audience.