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Circular Systems, textile industry website.

The Challenge

Circular Systems is on a great mission to transform waste into high-quality fiber, yarn, and textile products.

They already had a website but as the company was growing they got new content and different needs. I worked with an Agency to remake the content structure and improve their website design.


Web Designer

Tools Used

Pencil & Paper, Photoshop, Sketch, InVision.

Understanding your website goals

What are you aiming for with your website? It's essential that you ask yourself. The answer to that question may help you define a visual style that is appropriate for your business needs.

In this particular project, we had the objective to design a better visual experience around the new content and some key elements of the business, such as:

  • Storytelling elements to convey the message
  • New content layout and design
  • Showcase of their product benefits
  • Simple way to get in touch with clients
Web design

We created a visual style and replicated it using all the new content while aiming to highlight their products and benefits.

We decided to go with a simple style with soft textures, then we added a natural environment to reflect their eco-friendly philosophy.

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Circular System Website

Circular Systems is an entire
family of regenerative products

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