Breakaway, video studio.

The Challenge

Breakaway is a video company with experience creating visual effects for the TV industry.

I was contacted by an agency to help them redesign Breakaway's website. Our objective was to design a better portfolio to highlight their projects and a simple method to differentiate their 2 main services: Post and VFX.


Web Design

Tools Used

Pencil & Paper, Sketch, InVision

Good Sitemap Helps You Organize Your Content

Sitemaps help you to gain a global view of your website pages and how they relate to each other. This way you can simplify the information and show the users what they want to see on each page.

Black & White Style Guide

We decided to use the brand's black and white colors to differentiate the company services, white is for Post Production and black is for VFX.

We created a style guide to define typography and colors according to the branding documents.

image of typography

We decided to highlight the studio projects by using a simple design with just essential elements, this way the project images would also stand out.