hello, I’m Juan carmona

Visual Designer Crafting Websites and Digital Products


Selected projects

Web Design & Animated Video - Totsbox


Web Design & Video

Web Design - Circular Systems

Circular Systems

Web Design

Responsive Web Design - Breakaway


Web Redesign

UI & Ux - Gatha App


App Design

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Hey, I’m Juan Carmona.

I am a Visual Designer from Medellin. Crafting digital products to help companies build and grow their online presence for over 5 years.

I am always learning something new to help other people. That behavior has helped me to gain a combined experience in Graphic Design, Front-End Development, and UI/UX Design.

When I'm not pushing pixels, you can find me playing a cool video game or consuming design content. If you are looking for some design consultancy, whether you are a company or a designer, I am open to new conversations, let's talk!

more about me
Juan Carmona - Diseñador Visual

things i do well


  • Visual Design

  • UI/UX Design

  • Web & Mobile


  • HTML & CSS

  • Wordpress

  • Webflow


I've been fortunate to work with talented people from different places. See what they say about me.

Senior Business Analyst - Chris Ellington
Chris Ellington
SENIOR Project Manager

“Juan is an amazing designer. He takes vague concepts and turns them into outstanding graphics. Over the years, I've seen him create everything from tiny icons to full-fledged responsive websites. He has designed t-shirts and baseball caps, advertising specialties and business material.”

UX Director - Kassie Bachmann
Kassie Bachmann
UX Director

"Juan is AWESOME! I have been honored to work closely with him over the past few years, and he is a rare find! Juan’s design skills are seriously top-notch, but what really sets him apart are his active communication skills, his receptiveness to feedback, his high standards & his attention to detail.”

Consultor Marketing Digital - Andrés Mallet
Andres Mallet
Marketing Consultant

"Juan is an amazing designer, creative and innovative in his approach to project. Have enjoyed working with him over couple of years. He is quick, smart and always comes up with new creative designs, I highly recommend him."

Product Design Lead - Hyrum Palmero
Hyrum Palmero
Product Design Lead

"Excelente profesional, muy atento a los detalles, a las especificaciones del proyecto y cumplido en los tiempos establecidos, basados en tendencias actuales y en la satisfacción de los usuarios."