Hey, nice to meet you!

I’m Juan Carmona, Visual Designer.

I combine my experience in Visual Design and Web Development to help companies create awesome websites and engaging content for their online & social platforms.

Juan Carmona - Diseñador Visual Freelance

About Me

I have 5 years of experience working from home with awesome people from creative agencies and companies in several design projects.

Aside from my work, I like to spend some time on personal projects and consuming design content. I love video games and I can't work without music… juggling between Hip Hop & Jazz.

If you are interested in connecting with an independent designer to design and manage your website and social platforms with engaging content, drop me a line and let’s talk about your business:



Design is not about inspiration, is about the process. This is the process that I've adopted to create websites and apps, while working remotely with great people worldwide.

Design Process

User & Competitive Research

01. Discovering the problem

Let’s start by learning about your business and how users interact with your product or service. At this stage we will discover the core problem through research and analysis of the information.

Information Architecture - User Experience


02. Defining the design strategy

Next, putting together all the information, we will define the right design strategy with a user-centered focus, with aim to solve the users problems but also improve your business performance.

UI UX Design Strategy


03. Designing, visual and usable

Then I will roll up my sleeves to create useful and engaging interfaces with visual guidelines to maintain cohesiveness across your brand. But most importantly, design that solves the user and business problems in a seamless way.

UI-UX Experience Design


04. Delivering design solutions

After pushing some pixels, writing some lines of code and taking a lot of coffee, we will build a new product in the right time. Let’s share it with the world.

UI UX Design Prototypes and Mockups

professional path

Profesor de Cursos Ténicos


Diseñador Gráfico

Graphic Designer

Desarrollador Web Front-End

Front-End Developer

Diseñador Visual y UI/UX

UI/UX & Visual Designer

Work Principles

Learning everyday fuels my motivation

Honest & clear feedback is the key

Each problem has a different solution

Design process over casual inspiration